Ottenwalter Show Pigs Farm Sale - Saturday March 7th

Auction Closed 03-23-2020 03:00 PM PDT


Preview at 10am, lunch at noon, and the auction starts at 1pm PST
Sale location: At the farm, 2260 Lurline Ave, Colusa, CA

Offering 118 head of Crosses, Durocs, Landraces, Berks, and Chesters perfect for June, July, and early August shows, including the California State Fair and summer fair season. This set runs way deep on the cross side but also on the pure side too. Don't underestimate the value of these Berks, Chesters, Durocs, and Landraces as the summer breed shows approach. We've put lots of time, energy, and effort in to ensure our breed programs continued growth and genetic improvement and we feel this set showcases what they can do to a very high degree.

Our longtime friend and industry leader Brian Anderson from Kansas will be arriving on Friday and working the sale Saturday. He will be available to answer any questions you may have and to assist with phone bidding. For questions regarding sale lots, please call/text Russell Pedrett at:   (530) 681-9811,   Brian at:   (620) 515-3348,   Noa Taipin at:   (541) 281-8080,   or Montana Beck at:   (775) 842-1789.  

WE WILL HOST A   FACEBOOK   LIVE PREVIEW OF ALL THE SALE LOTS ON TUESDAY, MARCH 3RD AT 3PM PST, 5 CENTRAL. PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR   FACEBOOK   PAGE,   OTTENWALTER SHOW PIGS, TO VIEW THE LIVE BROADCAST. We will post an order in which the lots are ran through the preview, and then post the video to our page so that it may be re-played for the ease of viewing certain lots.

**Please Note: Some pictures were taken while males were still intact. All males will be castrated and healed by sale day unless otherwise noted**

**Additional Note: If you purchase a purebred from us, we ask that you please fill out the pedigree transfer request form on our website. Pedigrees will not be transferred until this form is filled out**


Midwest and Ohio Delivery

Ed Krische will be leaving from Colusa on Sunday morning March 8th, headed east on I-80. Ed will travel east on 80 through Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Iowa, then cut down on I-74 through Illinois and Indiana. From Indiana, he will make his way to Columbus, OH where he will arrive no later than Friday 3/13. Ed is charging $125/hd cash or credit card, no checks. Ed's route is negotiable based on need. For more information, please contact Ed at   (541) 778-2314.

Steven Popejoy will be through Colusa the weekend of 3/14. He will head south on highway 99, then across I-40 to Oklahoma City and up I-44 through Tulsa, Joplin, and St. Louis, then grab I-70 towards Effingham and back to Indianapolis. Please contact Steven at   (574) 242-0085   for pricing and details.

Southwest Delivery

Bob May will be leaving from Colusa on Monday morning 3/9, headed south through the central valley in California before running I-40 through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma. When he arrives at his home in Fletcher, OK, he will unload pigs into his show barn for a day before heading north to Indiana. From Oklahoma he will head northeast to Indiana, traveling through Missouri and Illinois before reaching the Indianapolis region. He will be traveling straight through and can make drops to any points along the way. Bob is charging $175/hd. with possible volume discounts. For more information, please contact Bob at   (530) 200-0866.

Northwest Delivery

Seth Lloyd will be leaving Sunday morning 3/8, heading up I-5 with his brand new 15 pen trailer. He will head as far north as Seattle, then across to Spokane and can either cut down on I-84 through the Boise and Twin Falls region, or head straight across 90 to Butte, MT then down I-15 on his way back home to Spanish Fork, Utah. For pricing and details please contact Seth at   1 href="tel:+1(385)221-1719">.

Blaine Lee will also be leaving from Colusa on Sunday morning 3/8,   headed north up highway 97 back home to Quincy, WA. For pricing and details please contact Blaine at   (509) 885-2754.

California Delivery

We will be able to arrange delivery to most places within the state.   Please contact Russell for more details at   (530) 681-9811.      

East Coast Delivery

Steven Popejoy will offer delivery the weekend on March 21 heading from Indiana to Maryland. He will travel along I-70 through Ohio and Pennsylvania,on his way to Hagerstown, MD. For pricing and details please contact Steven at (574) 242-0085.

Moormans feed will be available for purchase at the sale

We will have Moormans feed available at the sale for purchase. We feed and highly recommend Moormans feed and products. Colusa County Farm Supply is our local dealer, they are located at 5873 Freshwater Rd in Williams and can be reached at   (530) 473-2851.   Moorman's also has several dealers up in Oregon, including Kelly Taipin in Klamath Falls at   (541) 892-3820   and   Oregon Feed & Irrigation in Bend   at (541) 548-5344.  

Choice of Champions Products will be available at the sale

In addition to Moorman's Feed, we also highly recommend the Choice of Champions line of products.   Amanda and Russell Pedrett will have a booth offering all of the COC Products: U Shield, Lung Aid, Super Joint, Super Derm, and Easy Does It, in addition to the best show pig whips money can buy. We highly suggest using Lung Aid and U Shield to promote and maintain the general health of your show pigs following the stress of transport. To order these products please call/text Amanda at   (541) 326-7727.    



FIRST THING: Please click the     REGISTER   button and fill out the quick bidder information form with our EZ2Bid auction site. Then, please contact Russell at:   (530) 681-9811,     Brian at:   (620) 515-3348,     Noa Taipin at:   (541) 281-8080,   or Montana Beck at:   (775) 842-1789   with any questions regarding sale lots. We have several different options available to assist with bidding:    

1. We can have a phone bidder call during the auction on specific lots of interest to bid on the phone. (We will have many guys lined up to help with this, so a long list is OK)
2. You can leave a bid amount on specific lots and we will bid for you.
3. Let us know what you're looking for and we will do our best to get what you need bought! Please contact Russell or Brian and we can select your animals for you.


Sale day is a busy day for us, so if you have any questions and aren't able to reach Russell or Brian right away, you may also contact any of these Ottenwalter crew members:

Eric Waterbury:   (530) 682-7555      

Montana Beck:   (775) 842-1789

Cody Meek:   (530) 681-9814      

Max Valle:   (530) 450-8355

They are very familiar with our program and set of pigs and will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

The very best people to contact while the auction is actually going on are Russell and Eric via text first, then call. We will get your bids in and assist all we can!  

Thank you for viewing our set of pigs and we look forward to seeing you at the sale!

Terms and Conditions:

Payments are due immediately at the conclusion of the auction. Any purchase not paid in 3 business days is subject to a $50 late fee and daily finance charges. A fee of $25 will be assessed on all returned checks. To make a payment the day after the close of the auction or later, please contact Payments made via credit/debit card one day or later after the conclusion of the auction will be subject to a 3% convenience fee.

   Ottenwalter Show Pigs Farm Sale - Saturday March 7th