2020 Amador Quarantine Classic Jr. Livestock Sale

Auction Closed 07-25-2020 02:32 PM PDT

While 2020 has been an extraordinary year, and it does not look like past years, it is without a doubt we will all get through this together.  

The Amador County Fair (ACF) Board, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and staff, Junior Livestock Advisory Committee (JLAC) and Jr. Livestock exhibitors thank you for coming together as a community and supporting our local Amador County Fair youth exhibitors. The Jr. Livestock Sale represents many hours of hard work and a considerable investment by 4-H, FFA, Jr. Grange and Independent exhibitors. Your purchase(s) support important educational efforts of these youth groups, and gives our exhibitors experience in livestock production.  

Virtual Sale Information:

Begins:               Friday, July 24, 2020 at 9:00 am

Ends:                 Saturday, July 25, 2020 (soft closure at 1:00 pm, Extended Bidding Starts)

Our online auction features an extended bidding format. Any bid placed on any lot within the final 2 minutes of the auction will automatically reset the countdown timer to 2 minutes. This allows for all bidders the opportunity to competitively bid on all lots. For example, the auction is scheduled to end at 1:00pm and   a bid on any lot is placed at 12:59pm, the countdown timer resets to 2 minutes, which resets the ending of the auction to 1:01pm. Extended bidding remains active and continues to reset the countdown timer to 2 minutes with each bid in extended bid time, until no further bids are placed within the last 2 minutes. Upon no further bids, the auction will then close for all lots.        

Registration Process

Step One:

All buyers need to register on EZ2BID HERE   .

When registering, you will be asked to choose some alert options:

Preferred Methods of Alerts:   If you would like email or text alerts, you may choose those   options here. (Text alerts for the Out Bid option can be very convenient and helpful).

Alert Options:   For our auction, ONLY the Out Bid alert will be turned on and functional. If “none” is chosen, the buyer will not receive any notifications at all.

After registration online, you will immediately receive an email that will prompt you to set a password for your login. Buyer numbers are not assigned at registration. Your first bid in the auction will assign bidder number for you for the auction.

EZ2BID will request identifying information when registering, including you Driver License number and a credit card number.   This is to ensure identity only, and not a means of payment.

Step Two:

If not already done so, all buyers will need to fill out the Buyer’s Payment Contract and General Donation Form.   These letters were mailed to previous year buyers, but if you did not receive one, it can be found HERE.   This form needs completed and returned prior to the beginning of the sale.

This form can be used for purchasing an animal(s), or giving a general donation to contribute to the overall cost of the 2020 Amador Quarantine Classic Jr. Livestock Evaluation & Sale.
(Cost of evaluation and sale must be cost-neutral to the fair and any overhead costs not covered by sponsorships/donations will be divided between all sale lots in lieu of normal 7% commission.)

Buyer’s Groups/Multiple Buyers will need one person to register to participate.   If a purchase(s) is/are made, please contact the Amador County Fair office at 209-245-6921 or email [email protected] to give direction for invoicing the purchase.

For assistance with the registration process, please contact the fair office at (209) 245-6921 or by email at [email protected]

Starting Bids:

The starting bids for each species are listed below.  


Starting Bid

Market Beef


Replacement Heifers













Bidding Information

The EZ2Bid Sale Platform has a “MAX PROXY BID” option that allows all prospective buyers to enter the maximum amount willing to pay for one specific lot (think “eBay”) and have the system automatically bid for you.   As others are bidding against you, the platform will automatically bid up to but not beyond your max proxy bid amount. If you have chosen to receive Out Bid alerts, you may see alerts during this process. As alerts do rely on cellular service and phones receiving texts, there are no guarantees these will always come through on time. Therefore, we recommend keeping an eye on your lot, especially during extended bidding time.


Buyer’s may choose to add a flat amount to one or many exhibitor lot(s).   To do so, please complete this FORM.   All add-on’s must be paid at time of transaction, unless prior permission is obtained through the Amador County Fair.   Note:   Last day to add on to any lot(s) is Monday, July 28.

Proxy Bids (Phone Bids)

Proxy (Phone) bids will be available to buyers.   To do a proxy bid:

  1. Register as a buyer with EZ2Bid.com HERE
  2. Buyer can leave bid instructions for specific lots with sale phone bank volunteers, and they will do the bidding for you
  3. If you are not sure what you’re looking for, we can help you!
  4. Any questions, please call the fair office at (209) 245-6921, or email at [email protected]

Viewing Lots on Sale Platform

Each lot listed in sale will have:

  1. Lot Number
  2. Ear Tag Number
  3. Weight (Estimated Weight for Hogs)
  4. Exhibitor Name
  5. Club/Chapter Affiliation
  6. Local Bred/Exhibitor Bred Information
  7. A Brief Bio
  8. A photo showing the exhibitor and project
  9. A video showing the exhibitor working with the project and different views of animal.

Replacement Heifers

Buyers will be contacted by the exhibitor (seller) for delivery of all replacement heifers bought after the close of the sale.

All Jr. Livestock Exhibitor Replacement Heifer Project Books will be available to review HERE in the afternoon of July 22, 2020.   These project books allow prospective buyers to review general exhibitor and heifer information, breeding, medication, feeding, expense and other pertinent project information.   This project book will be given to the buyer upon delivery of heifer.

Market Animals

There are two ways to purchase market animals, Custom and Resale.

Custom:   Buyer wants meat for consumption.   Custom buyers will need to factor in the following for total cost of purchase:

  1. Cost of Animal
  2. Harvest/Processing Charges (invoiced at time of purchase)
  3. Cut and Wrap Fees (paid directly to cut and wrap facility/butcher)

Resale: Buyer wants to resell the animal to harvest facility and not keep for personal consumption.   Resale buyers will have current resale price multiplied by the animal’s true weight and deducted from your gross purchase price. The resale prices for this year will be available on the fair website and the EZ2BID sale platform prior to the auction.

Resale Prices

Beef:       $0.90       per lb

Sheep:     $0.90     per lb

Goats:     $2.70     per lb

Swine:     $0.30     per lb

Volunteers will be staffing phones to assist buyers with any questions, issues, proxy bids, get custom/resale information, and/or add-on’s the following days:

IMPORTANT: All buyers must contact the fair immediately after the sale to indicate their purchase(s) as custom or resale.   Fair staff will need lot numbers or ear tag numbers.   We cannot transport animals without this information!

Friday, July 24 from 8 am to 7   pm

Saturday, July 25 from 8 am to 7   pm

Sunday, July 27, from 7 am to 3   pm

Monday, July 28, 8 am to 3 pm.  

Please call the fair office at (209) 245-6921.  


Questions regarding the sale, registration process, custom/resale choice, etc., prior to the above dates can be directed to the fair office during normal business hours, or by email at [email protected]


All market animals sold through the sale will be transported to a certified USDA harvest facility contracted by the Amador County Fair.  

Harvest Charges

Harvest/Processing charges will be included on all invoices for custom purchases:

Beef: $225.00

Sheep: $46.00

Goats: $49.00

Swine: $45.00

Turkeys: $20.00

Rabbits: $7.50

Poultry: $5.00

Due to the overwhelming demand for “home-grown” custom meat, there are only two processing facilities available this year:Custom Cut & Wrap (Butchers)

All Large Animal Species (Beef, Sheep, Goats, Swine):


Kountry Meats

9631 Sandage Ave.

Elk Grove, CA 95624



All Small Animal Species (Turkeys, Rabbits, Poultry):

Archer’s Butcher Block

5425 Motherlode Drive

Placerville, CA 95667



Cut and wrap fees and instructions for each Cut and Wrap Facility/Butcher can be found HERE.

Please note that Kountry Meats requires all cutting instructions by the Tuesday following the sale (July 29).


All livestock sales are considered cash sales and cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted. Buyers will be invoiced after the close of the sale by the Amador County Junior Livestock Auction.  

All payments will be made to: Amador County Fair “JLA”.  

The credit card used to register on EZ2Bid.com will NOT be charged.

  1. Balances are due, in full, on the day of the auction, unless prior written arrangements have been made with the Fair Office. Accounts that remain unpaid at 30 days after the auction has closed will be assessed a delinquent finance charge. Charges will be assessed at the rate of 20% per month from the close of the sale (Saturday, July 25, 2020) until paid in full. Such delinquent accounts will be referred to collection and collection costs will be added to the Buyer’s invoice. Delinquent buyers may, at the discretion of Fair Management, be excluded from participation in future auctions.

  2. Buyers may designate agents to purchase animals on buyer’s behalf by submitting written authorization designating the agent to Fair Management prior to the sale.

  3. Mulitple buyers who join to purchase a single lot are jointly liable for the full purchase price.

  4. All credit card transactions will be assessed a 3% convenience fee to cover bank fees incurred due to the Jr. Livestock sale.

  5. Buyers will be able to give exhibitor “add-ons” until 3 pm on Monday, July 27.


If you have any questions, please contact the Amador County Fair Office at (209) 245-6921, or by email, at [email protected].

Terms and Conditions:

All livestock sales are considered cash sales and cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted. Buyers will be invoiced after the close of the sale by the Amador County Junior Livestock Auction.  All payments will be made to: Amador County Fair “JLA”. The credit card used to register on EZ2Bid.com will NOT be charged.

   2020 Amador Quarantine Classic Jr. Livestock Sale