Sierra Cascade Environmental Resource Fund Education Auction

Auction Closed 04-18-2021 07:08 PM PDT

All sales are considered cash sales. The credit card used to register on will NOT be charged. If you have problems registering to bid, please email [email protected].  

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Welcome to the Annual Sierra-Cascade Education Auction!   We are excited to be able to continue supporting; Scholarships for graduating high school students entering a timber industry related educational program or related training program and scholarships for continuing college students, all our educational events and non-profit partners who educate the public regarding the timber and related construction industries in support of best practices and wise forest management. We maintain a 501 (3) (C)   non-profit status.

This online auction features an extended bidding format. Any bid placed on any lot within the final 2 minutes of the auction will automatically reset the countdown timer by 2 minutes. This allows for all bidders the opportunity to competitively bid on all lots. For example, the auction is scheduled to end at 6:00pm and a bid on any lot is placed at 5:59 pm, the countdown timer resets to 2 minutes, which resets the ending of the auction to 6:01pm. Extended bidding remains active and continues to reset the countdown timer to 2 minutes with each bid in extended bid time, until no further bids are placed within the last 2 minutes. Upon no further bids, the auction will then close for all lots.

                                              We are so grateful to our sponsors, donors and winning bidders.

                                              Your generous support is AMAZING ! Thank you.


When viewing the lots click on the image and it will take you to a larger view, click again, it will enlarge the image and give you the option to view more images, if there are more. In the first view of a Lot, click on DETAILS button then click on the SEE MORE link for a full and complete description of the lot item. Winning bidders will be invoiced by the Sierra-Cascade Environmental Resource Fund. All gun transactions will be handled by: Olde West Gun & Loan Co. Inc. 568 N Market St. Redding CA.  

KEY ITEM: If you purchased one of the five key items, you will be part of a drawing at the end of the auction (which will be taped on video to ensure honesty). The Auction Committee will have the current President of SCLC, select the Key Item winning number 1,2,3 4, or 5 from a Make Logging Great Again HAT…because “This is how we do it.”  

The successful key holder will win:

Weatherby Mark V Bunt Bronze Weathermark 6.5 X 300 Weatherby Mag.

Old West currently has in possession the firearms for LOT’S 1,4,7,11,14,16,25 & 35 all other firearms are still on order. A winning bidder can choose to wait for a firearm to come in or receive equal value credit to purchase another firearm at Olde West Gun & Loan.

In order to pick up items winning bidders will need to call Chris Chitwood at (530) 524-6149 to make arrangements for gun paperwork, certificates and actual items. Please have I.D available when picking up items. Guns will all be handled through Olde West Gun and Loan. Winning bidders must be the California   legal age to claim lot items involving guns or alcohol.


Thank you and have fun !!

Terms and Conditions:

All sales are final  The credit card used to register on will NOT be charged. Winning bidders will be invoiced by the Sierra Cascade Environmental Resource Fund. 

   Sierra Cascade Environmental Resource Fund Education Auction