Blue Family Fundraising Auction

Auction Closed 12-18-2021 06:34 PM PST

Thank you in advance for browsing this auction. All proceeds from this auction will go directly to the Blue family to help with unexpected medical bills and living expenses.

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To see a detailed description of each item, click on the "Details" button on a lot, then click on the "View More" link.

AUCTION PROCESS:     Our online auction features an extended bidding format. Any bid placed on any lot within the final 5 minutes of the auction will automatically reset the countdown timer to 5 minutes. This allows for all bidders the opportunity to competitively bid on all lots. For example, the auction is scheduled to end at 6:00pm on Saturday and if a bid on any lot is placed at 5:59 pm, the countdown timer resets to 5 minutes, which resets the ending of the auction to 6:04pm. Extended bidding remains active and continues to reset the countdown timer to 5 minutes with each bid in extended bid time, until no further bids are placed within the last 5 minutes. Upon no further bids, the auction will then close for all lots.

Terms and Conditions:

All sales are considered cash sales, and cash or check are accepted. Failure to pay within 30 days will result in 2nd place bidder win. The credit card used to register on will NOT be charged. Checks can be made to:

Helen Hawkins
PO Box 73
Bieber, CA 96009

   Blue Family Fundraising Auction