Tehama District Fair Junior Livestock Auction

Auction Closed 05-17-2020 06:44 PM PDT

The Tehama District Fair welcomes you to our Junior Livestock Auction.

While this year will look much different, we would like to thank you for uniting around these exhibitors and coming together (virtually) as a community. The livestock sale represents many hours of hard work and a considerable investment by 4-H, FFA, and Independent exhibitors. Your purchases help support the important educational efforts of these youth groups.


ADD-ON'S: If you'd like do add-on's, please use this Form


PAYMENT: All livestock sales are considered cash sales and cash, check or Visa/Mastercard are accepted. Buyers will be invoiced after the close of the sale from the Tehama District Fair. The credit card used to register on EZ2Bid.com will NOT be charged.

We have made several arrangements to assist you with your purchases. Animals purchased for your own use will be sent to an inspected packing plant and delivered to the locker service of your choice below. Once delivered, buyer and locker/cut wrap facility assume all responsibly of the carcass. You will be asked to indicate the locker destination of your choice.

PROCESSING CHARGES: Processing charges will be included on any custom purchase:

                      Beef:         $225 per Head at Los Banos Abattoir, Los Banos, CA

                      Lamb:       $75 per Head at Superior Farms, Dixon, CA

                      Goats:       $75 per Head at Superior Farms, Dixon, CA

                      Swine:       $75 per Head at Olson Meat Co., Orland, CA

                      Rabbits:     $20 per Head/$60 per Pen at Bear River Ranch Processing Mobile Unit

Carcass Delivery: The animals will be delivered to the local lockers for cutting and wrapping as specified by you on sale day.

RABBIT PROCESSING: Rabbits will be processed by Bear River Ranch Butchering a mobile butchering unit not inspected by CDFA.

CUSTOM PROCESSING: You will need to indicate a cut and wrap/locker company.

A&R Custom Butchering, Red Bluff               (530)527-6483

Bowman Meat Co., Cottonwood                   (530)347-4463

Kent’s Meat Market, Redding                         (530)365-4322

Orland Meat Processors, Orland                   (530)865-7383

Rancher’s Deli & Meats, Corning                   (530)824-6328

RESALE ANIMALS: You will be contacted upon the close of the auction to determine if your Lots will be Custom or Resale.

The resale price will be multiplied by the weight and deducted from your gross purchase price. The resale prices for this year are (market prices to be updated 2-3 days prior to the auction):

Beef: $1.20/lb                 Lambs: $0.80/lb             Swine:   $0.45/lb               Goats: $2.70/lb               Rabbits: $2.50/lb    

The Fair Office will contact all Buyers after the conclusion of the auction on Sunday to mark your “Custom” or “Resale” options. If you already know your preference and processor you may email it to [email protected]. If we can not reach you on Sunday, we will have to assume “Resale.”

HOW TO PLACE PHONE BIDS: Please click the REGISTER button and fill out the quick bidder information. Then please contact the Fair Office at (530)527-5920.

  1. We can have a phone bidder call during the auction on specific lots of interest to bid on the phone.
  2. You can leave a bid amount on specific lots and we will bid for you.
  3. Let us know what you are looking for and we will do out best to get it bought!

If you have any questions, please contact the Tehama District Fair Office at (530)527-5920 or via email at [email protected].


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